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shipping & logistic

In order to carry out professional and responsible transportation, you should contact an international shipping company that is well versed in this. A professional company is in close contact with all the relevant parties during the transport such as the shipping company, the ports, customs officials, drivers, porters, etc. In addition, in cases where a combined transfer is necessary (that is, a combination of sea transport and land or air transport), more rigor and grammar are required and therefore experts in the field should be contacted. Good relations between the team of the international shipping company and the ship's crew, as well as relations with other relevant parties enable a more efficient and high-quality maritime transport. If you are looking for an international shipping company that will carry out sea transportation for you -  you have come to the right place!

Cargo Ship at Port

Marine transportation

Since ancient times and the development of navigation and sailing vessels, maritime transport has served as a catalyst for trade relations in the world and for the fusion of cultures. Nowadays, maritime transport is done using the ships of the merchant fleet, which are in fact huge sailing vessels, real floating mountains, capable of carrying a weight of thousands of tons and transporting goods between continents quickly and efficiently. There are other advantages to the transfer by sea shipping, the uniqueness of the sea routes regarding their unlimited ability to carry out the transfer. Therefore, maritime transport is actually a relatively cheap and convenient way of transfer since the fueling and maintenance costs for vessels are lower than the maintenance costs of airplanes. In addition, by means of ships it is possible to send a large and heavy cargo which is not always possible in an alternative way and requires shipping by sea transport

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Air Shipping

Air shipping is an old method that is carried out in an efficient way, very fast compared to sea shipping and takes only a few days.


Special Deals

Air shipping is designed to send goods by air, using airplanes to transfer cargo from one place in the world to another.

It is a fast and efficient means of transport that is particularly suitable for shipments that need to arrive quickly or for goods of high value.

Air shipping is generally used for international trade and express delivery services,

Because the goods arrive quickly at the destination, but as mentioned, you should know that this type of shipping is considered more expensive compared to the option of sea shipping.

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