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"J.B.C - HOME Opens for you the imprts world from Ukraine"

Ukraine is open to trade! It is among the top countries open for trade with 18 free trade agreements for 46 countries (including DCFTA with EU, FTAs with UK, EFTA, Canada, Israel and others). No post-entry quarantine will be needed. Our goal is to make your trade with Ukraine as simple as it could be.

Ukraine is the second largest Eastern European country in Europe,

  • Ukraine is the world's largest producer of sunflower oil, grains, sugar, honey, eggs and poultry, and a future global player in the meat and dairy markets.

  • Ukraine is among the world's largest exporters of grains and raw materials for industry

  • also exports sunflower seeds and cotton (the largest in the world)

  • The sixth largest exporter of wheat and the fourth largest exporter of corn and barley in the world.

  • The fourth largest exporter in the world of semi-processed iron and steel intended to be used as raw materials for industry.


A country with tremendous potential

 Ukraine is a country with tremendous production potential which, during its membership in the Soviet Union, was considered a development center for leading and advanced industries including space industries, development of advanced weapons, iron industry, heavy equipment, food, textiles, wood industry and what not. In addition, in the agricultural sector - it enjoys large agricultural areas and fertile and rich soil which until recently attracted more and more investors and entrepreneurs from European countries as well as China, the United States and not far away Israel, whose proximity to it, and the reasonable costs, made it a particularly sought-after tourist and business destination.

In January 2016, Ukraine joined the Deep and Comprehensive Free Trade Area with the European Union, established in the Ukraine-EU Association Agreement and opened its path towards European integration, while the North Atlantic Council of NATO recognized Ukraine as a partner for improving opportunities in June 2020 and the country was placed in the process of dialogue progressive regarding her acceptance in the organization.

Desk Globe



A strategic geographical location at the crossroads of Europe, Asia and the Middle East.



Dollar Notes

One of the most cost-competitive locations in Europe to base your business.

Friendly Meeting


Human resources

Talented Human Capital — 70% of Ukrainians have secondary or higher education.


Ease of doing business

Young businessman

Simplified legal procedures for business as well as state-guaranteed investment security.

Ukraine is set to become the world’s food security guarantor. It is naturally endowed with 33% of the world’s black soil and a favourable climate that enables a broad range of agricultural production, as well as sustainable traditions thereof. Ukraine is already well known for being one of the top world producers and exporters of cereal grains and vegetable oils, honey and walnuts, poultry meat and butter. Other food categories that you can source from Ukraine include fruits, berries and vegetables, confectionery and bakery products, meat and milk products, alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks. Over the last years, Ukraine has also become one of the biggest organic food suppliers to Europe (No. 2 to the EU after China).

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