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" J.B.C - HOME give the best service for trade with Ukraine "

J.B.C-HOME Business & Commerce

J.B.C-HOME, the Jewish home for business and commerce in Ukraine, located in the beating heart of Eastern Europe, is proving to be a guiding light for investors and those interested in the world of business and commerce who wish to delve deeper into the profitable Ukrainian market. This leading institution has carved a niche for itself, and focuses mainly on fostering investments in Ukraine and providing service and order management to companies that import a wide range of Ukrainian products to global markets.

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Ukraine is open to trade! It is among the top countries open for trade with 18 free trade agreements for 46 countries (including DCFTA with EU, FTAS with UK, EFTA, Canada, Israel and others. On-going negotiations with Turkey). No post-entry quarantine will be needed. The Ukrainian economic openness index is 90% and counting. Our goal is to make your trade with Ukraine as simple as it could be. 

Wheat Field

corn field

sunflower oil

Ukraine is A world player in agriculture, developed energy, metallurgy, chemicals, manufacturing, massive innovative industrial base, booming IT and high-tech sector. Here are some of Ukraine’s global positions in the world agriculture export and minerals extraction:

  • sunflower oil export in 2023

  • rapeseed, millet, barley, peas export in 2023

  • walnut, apple juice concentrate export in 2023

  • honey, corn, wheat export in 2023

  • titanium, kaolins extraction in 2023

  • iron extraction in 2023

  • manganese, graphite, uranium extraction in 2023


Metals products

Wood products

Honey products

Real Estate
"A new Investment wave in western Ukraine"

Up to 11% return

Increase in real estate investments in Ukraine.

Following unprecedented interest in real estate markets around the world, Western Ukraine has become a surprising focus for real estate investors. This trend, which attracts both local and international stakeholders, not only signifies a change in market dynamics but also heralds a new chapter of economic development for the region.  J.B.C-HOME dives into the wave of real estate investments in Western Ukraine, investigates the factors behind this phenomenon, its consequences for the local economy and communities, and what the future holds for this developing market.

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Uzhgorod, Ukraine

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